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March 19, 2014

Volume 6, Issue 6

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32nd Annual Congress
May 13-17 in Minneapolis, MN
Banish your payroll nightmares at the 32nd Annual Congress. Select from nearly 170 workshops; attend the world's largest payroll, AP, and finance Expo; and network with your peers and industry leaders. Save $50 when you register for Congress by March 31. One lucky attendee who registers during the month of March will be randomly selected for a free registration for the 33rd Annual Congress in Las Vegas next year!**

Learning Centers

Payroll 101: Foundations of Payroll Certificate Program
April 7-11 in San Antonio, TX
Payroll 101 is an important first step in payroll education. This hands-on, instructor-led program covers the basic procedures, processes, and terminology defining the daily workload of the beginning payroll practitioner. As a participant, you will receive the course text, Payroll Practice Fundamentals. Many prepared candidates use this course as a review prior to taking the FPC exam on Friday afternoon after the course ends. Candidates who attend Payroll 101, complete the post test with a score of 80% or higher, and pass the FPC exam on Friday can earn up to 11 ACE Credits.***

Payroll 201: Payroll Administration Certificate Program
March 24-28 in San Antonio, TX
March 31-April 4 in Las Vegas, NV

Payroll 201 offers proven practices for managing a cost-effective payroll department and provides intensive, advanced, hands-on training on complex payroll functions and regulations. Issues such as how the payroll function impacts the accounting, benefits, and human resources departments are discussed, as well as the more complicated legal issues like benefits taxation, third-party sick pay reporting, and involuntary deductions. As a participant, you will receive the course book, The Payroll Source®, which is also payroll's most trusted text. Many prepared candidates use this course as a review prior to taking the CPP exam on Friday after the course ends. Candidates who attend Payroll 201, complete the post test with a score of 80% or higher, and pass the CPP exam on Friday  following  this course can earn up to 18 ACE Credits.***

Payroll Administration in Canada
March 31-April 4 in San Antonio, TX

Payroll Administration in Canada is a hands-on, comprehensive course providing an understanding of Canadian payroll administration. If your organization pays employees in Canada, this course will help you successfully manage your cross-border payroll operations while keeping your company in compliance. This 5-day course is taught by a leading Canadian payroll expert and is an opportunity to learn Canadian laws and requirements that can help you prevent costly errors.


The following courses measure payroll educational gains with pre- and post-class Payroll Knowledge Assessments.

Payroll Practice Essentials: Virtual Classroom
Next class begins April 2
Delivered through nine convenient, web-based interactive sessions, this course provides the payroll knowledge, skills, and abilities required to produce accurate paychecks, ensure payroll compliance, and improve job performance.

Intermediate Payroll Concepts: Virtual Classroom
Next class begins April 1

Delivered through six convenient, web-based interactive sessions, this course provides management-level training on vital topics such as taxable/nontaxable compensation, tax reporting, and payroll leadership issues.

Advanced Payroll Concepts: Virtual Classroom
Next class begins April 15

Delivered through six convenient, web-based interactive sessions, this course provides management-level training on complex benefits issues, an expatriate taxation overview, unemployment insurance, payroll systems, payroll auditing, and leadership concepts.

Strategic Payroll Practices: Virtual Classroom
Next class begins April 9

Delivered through six convenient, web-based interactive sessions, this course provides insightful perspectives on complex payroll taxation topics, operational effectiveness, employee development, emerging technologies, and other issues involved in developing a successful payroll strategy.

Mergers & Acquisitions Forum: Virtual Classroom
Next class begins March 26

Delivered through three convenient, web-based interactive sessions, this course covers the payroll/HR processes and provides the federal and state information you must know in order to transition, maintain, and ensure compliance while reducing the expense of the transaction.

Certified Payroll Professional Boot Camp: Virtual Classroom
Next class begins May 20

Advance your standing in the profession by earning the Certified Payroll Professional designation. These web-based interactive sessions will cover the topics based on the CPP exam content outline. Acquire first-class payroll knowledge that can immediately be applied by passing the CPP exam as well as creating a cost-effective payroll department within your organization.***


The Payroll Source®
Payroll's most trusted text delivers the essential information you need to maintain your organization's compliance in accordance with federal laws and regulations that affect payroll operations.

Federal Payroll Tax Laws & Regulations
This handy reference text contains the exact language of payroll-related sections of the Internal Revenue Code and IRS Regulations, giving you the information you need to confidently process federal tax levies, child support withholding orders, creditor garnishments, bankruptcy orders, and other wage withholding orders.

Federal Payroll Non-Tax Laws & Regulations
This text contains the exact language of the payroll-related sections of federal laws and regulations from the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations, providing you the knowledge to comply with federal and state laws governing minimum wages, overtime, exempt vs. nonexempt employees, child labor restrictions, and much more. Important state requirements are presented in easy-to-read charts.

PayState Update
This biweekly e-newsletter is dedicated exclusively to state and local payroll compliance news and issues. If you process payroll in more than one state, this newsletter is indispensable. The publication includes in-depth articles and analyses, comparative charts, state-by-state information, Q&A feature, and topical indexes.


A 2014 Guide to Error-Free Form 941 Returns
March 19

E-Verify – An E-Z Fix for Compliance
March 20

PayTrain and Fundamentals of Payroll 2014 – FREE
March 21

New Health Coverage Reporting Required for 2015: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
March 25

Calculating Paychecks Webinar Series
Begins March 26

Simplifying Paycards in Today's
Sponsored by WEX rapid! PayCard

March 27

Executive Compensation – Avoid the Nightmare of IRS Executive Audits
April 3

What You Need to Know About Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans
April 10

Nonresident Aliens Require Special Handling
April 16

10 Tips to Help Advance Your
April 24


New Year, New Challenges for 2014

Correcting a W-2 Without Making More Mistakes

How to Deal With Overpayments

Wage and Hour Summit Webinar Series On Demand



Business Expense
Reimbursements – The Right Way

April 17

Maximizing Internal Control for Accounts Payable
May 8


The APA Guide to Accounts Payable


Overcome your certification exam apprehension with APA’s new Certified Payroll Professional Boot Camp. This virtual course will arm you with the confidence and detailed knowledge you need to pass the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) exam.


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